And the Beat Goes On

Another day, another person in the House of White soon. Activisim on a pandemic is crucial. I’m thrilled to bits to witness someone respecting science and the general public simultaneously: riding two horses. You go, Mr. Pres. Elect. So here’s the deal: Could we all get into a convenient lockstep…not the Nazi type, the let’s get er done shuffle? I’m sure we all want to see Covid retire/his/herself and go off to some off-planet Bahamas vacation. I in no way want to be humorous about what we have all sustained. It is shocking and frankly, every person in America has some degree of PTSD regarding the pandemic. So let’s wear the mask, wash our hands, safe-distance and care about one another. We may not get to large gatherings for a while but we will all be alive and smiling at one another across zoom. Get over it, Americans. We are an entitled portion of the world population. Let’s do what it takes. And yes, I’ll play along with the Kumbaya chords for y’all.


Running the Race with Covid

OK, here I am again, spouting off what I think people need to know. But guess what? I’m tired of being a cheerleader on the side. I’d be doing testing with the Sacramento PH Dept, but, frankly, I’ve got a few notches of comorbidity on my belt so I’ll work online.

But I’m also bored to tears with more how to, why to, and what ifs by everyone from Walmart, PGand E, as well as all the airlines and banks of the Americas. We have the tools and information, though it’s been like a see saw. And the politicizing that has taken place in the midst of a pandemic, well don’t get me started.

So I’m just going to remind all the party animals and those who feel that Jesus is going to take care of them when they push the river and disobey good common sense. We are not in the 2nd Round of the beast. We never left the 1st. It isn’t even likely half-time. But go ahead and lollygag because it’s summer and you can’t stand being told, warned, cajoled and prayed for to pay attention. And who in the hell cares about the oldies and those with comorbidity? Give me a cold beer, and a good hang-out session completely ignoring social distancing. The age has now been lowered to 45 of those with potentially serious issues with something that is NOT like the season flu need to listen up.

I say shame on all of you for contributing to dragging out what could have eased potentially by now. Every time I get up before sunrise to drive in and do a quick shop, the masked and maskless are running a mean 50 50. You should be glad I’m not your governor. I’d fine all of you maskless fools and lock you all the heck up. But now I’m fired up again. I have to keep telling myself, just stay far from those braggarts and ditzes who will not pay attention. oh and while I’m fired up: one more shaming for the gipper. Shame on anyone who politicizes something as serious as a pandemic.

I’m sad sometimes to think I live in a country like the grand and glorious U S of A and we are separated by so many dualities. I’ve worked for a thousand years in world health issues and I’d scream from the rooftop:

WAKE UP! DO THE MATH! MORE DEATHS and MORE INFECTIONS WITH COVID mean one thing. It’s here and it hasn’t gone anywhere but is spreading now to other places in every part of the world.

Shakespeare Nailed It

Shakespeare’s famous quote may have just said it all:  To be or not to be.  That is the question.  This was Hamlet’s quintessential quandary.

Today we wrestle with a slightly different issue:  To mask or not to mask, that is the question.

 It lies in the air every time I go out to mix in stores in town.  Polite messages taped to doors suggest that masks be worn.  Suggest is the key term.  Masks are not mandated in our county, but they are suggested. Then there are other stores that don’t seem to give a whit.  Many stores in other counties will not allow entrance without a mask.  And might I add that all the Costco junkies have to mask up or they don’t get in.   There are even stores that will bill $1.00 if you don’t have a mask and hand you one.  Now that’s clever.  I also understand that there are smaller stores in the foothills where the landed gentry don’t wear them so proprietors are pressured to lean with the pack.  It’s a sticky wicket all around.

We are in the middle of an old fashioned rope pull game.  The young want to be young, the old want to be protected.  Those in between are a bit confused.  But let’s bring up one concern:  the co-morbid and immune-suppressed. Since I’ve had a bout with cancer and am a 3X participant of pneumonia, I am considered at risk. I’m also in the oldie category so I behave.  I hunker down most of the time, but when I venture out I carry a mask and wear it in stores, post offices, banks and where folks I don’t know assemble.

 Two years ago, I sat with the Ladies in radiation at UCSF and trust me, they were not wusses.  They wanted more than anything to stay alive.  If a person that is immune-compromised or has been on chemo, or has leukemia meets up with some maskless wonder that is asymptomatic, or spitting virus. these folks are at immediate risk.  So are little kids. They are finding out that kids are at high risk now, for the aftermath of covid19. It’s called multiple organ syndrome.

We can stare constantly at the news and drink the Koolaid of the latest prediction or conspiracy theory, or we can use common sense.   

We can really keep it quite simple.  For a few months, if we were careful, chances are we’d be out of the weeds.  But whining about summer barbecues and beaches is just plain selfish.   It takes so little to be careful. When we look back, and we will, I wonder if the answer will be drawn in puffs across the sky?  YES???? No????? or maybe Who cares?????

So a civil war of sorts begins with dialogues on N 95s, with special filters to ward off the strange virus called covid 19.   Then there are the cool mask makers:  creative seamstresses or just plain folks trying to “protect” themselves…….and others.  So those of us who do wear masks mix with those who don’t.  Frankly, the emotion of Am I being goofy? rises in me when all the “unconcerned” come in to stores without masks.  And they aren’t all machos.  The line in the sand drawn by unclear and “suggested” allows for way too many people who don’t have an idea of what an infectious pandemic can do, to make their own decisions. It’s kind of like giving your five year old, your keys to the family SUV.

In a perfect scifi series on Netflix, we could teleport back to the 9th century,  and see how they handled the bubonic plague:  nails and boards.  Use your imagination.  People didn’t get to decide on their own.  During the first Ebola outbreak in the Sudan, the chiefs of villages took charge.  They boarded up their villages and wouldn’t allow anyone in or out.  Hey, it worked.   But we Americans are way too free and way too party going to sit still and wait a little more.  It’s easier to listen to the soothsayers who question the validity of the virus, as the counts rise.

So the cool mask ladies invented the creepy yet oddly sexy black mask or bandana.  Then there’s the fashion statement with bright colors, your favorite football team or my own cocktail party variety with stunning shimmers.  Ah and yes, there’s the matching mask for your Armani suit like the Governor wears.  Bottom line:  Whoever wears one is making a powerful statement:  I’m protecting you from me….I’m trying to help us all be safe. 

The debate rages on. 

Safe? Now there’s more words up for debate.  Safe distancing, shelter in place  hunker down,  cave time, lock down, lock up, or any other way you put it.  We’ve all had to learn a completely new language.  It’s one of concern, mixed with a little fear, and for all:  it is the great muddle through somehow.

We’ve invented cyber church, zoom cocktail parties, outdoor movies, drive by birthday parties, and graduation online.  We are a creative lot, we are indeed…..

So stores and restaurants closed, vacay rentals went swiftly away, and most important jobs were either created online, at home, or shut down. Courageous folks like our local hero ABE made a gazillion trips to town to forage for berries, toilet paper and goodies. Our precious food bank up at Sierra Baptist in Alta kept many going when the paychecks stopped.

So what next?  Life must go on, but can’t it go on with a bit of intelligent caution?  Sure stores have to reopen, businesses reboot, and life …yes, life must go on.  But here’s a suggestion: 

 Carrying that little mask, and some 70% alcohol for surfaces, including that sacred cell phone you carry night and day and hand washing would cut down the onslaught of a virus that is doing very well, thank you.

I’d like to say, hey it’s up to us.  We all get to choose.  This is an important time to get serious and do the least it takes to help bring down the numbers:  simple:  masks, distancing, and cleanliness.    The decision is pretty clear:  do you want it to go on and on and on, or do you want to help it go away sooner?

To mask or not to mask ….that is the question.

Pastor Ben at Food Bank

Lockdown Desperation and Pondering Expiration

They say security is sketchy and that Google and FB are following us and know every smidge of our personal lives.  Maybe, but are they also reading our minds????

Yesterday, I got desperate to do something practical so I went into my infamous underbelly storage space. I found cans dated ten years back.  After spending way too long pondering, I threw them in the trash.  By the way, no signs of deterioration at all were noted. So then I went for a brief walk with a neighbor:  in masks and  6 ft. social distance, passing many joyful folks following no prevention of covid 19 instructions whatsoever.  but back to the dumpster dive…

I asked my friend:  about dates on food.  We both pondered but did not come to any conclusion.  So I went to the computer this morning. After all, Google is the quintessence of wisdom with any trivia I can dig up.    BEFORE I could type it in, here was an article on pocket..about food expiration dates. Now I find that spooky.  Are “THEY”, the social media pundits reading our minds?  Oh my!….  another conspiracy plot for sure.  So I’m diving into the trash can aka dumpster dive to retrieve the discarded cans.

The article was a very useful discussion of anything from cans, to bottles, to eggs and clumpy milk.  I assume that slimy greens pretty much speak for themselves.   I’ll behave and list the author at the bottom of this blog.  BTW,  I taught food microbiology a hundred years ago at LA State, but all I remember is the sour kraut and yogurt lab which was not exactly a screaming success. So I’m printing out the pearls and jamming the pages into the back of the drawer next to the fridge.  It already contains highly significant and practical pieces of data such as desperate handwritten notes of “where I put the keys to the generator”, locks with no known combinations, and wet matches I am hoping dry out.

As long as Washington and Geneva and Atlanta are storming the wires on lockup, lockdown, house arrest, and FREEDOM and WHEN,  I say we focus on the practical.  Alphabetizing my pantyhose drawer is something I may consider next.

I’m done staring hypnotically at press conferences from anyone anywhere.  It’s time to haul out the ancient DVDs that someone gave me including black and whites from the forties. I say this because my binge-watching is getting sketchy on what to choose next. AND NO, I do not binge-watch cooking shows.  They are way too scary.  I stick with the Mafia interviews on Valuetainment and other thoroughly fascinating trivia.   Oh and yes, I go to the altar of night comedians:  Trevor, John, Stephen, and Jimmie Kimmel.

I am also engaging in some Zoom activity but have a sneaky method of muting and going invisible,  you know, that cool black box with your name on it, invisible? I’ve discovered that  I can multi-task while others figure out what button to push.  Oh, we humans!  Even the squirrels outside are jumping for joy with the spring before us.  Lock anything up/down/sideways, they are going to be thrilled when I stop staring out the window at them.  AND, the stuffed animals downstairs are showing signs of boredom.  They have now refused to respond to my chit-chat.

But as I said, it is time to do something practical.  As for alphabetizing the pantry,  maybe I’ll do something really creative and organize according to proteins, carbs and fats, That should really screw up my figuring out anything to eat.  And yes, my refried beans will stay in the cool dark of the underbelly for another decade.

Here’s the article credit”   Food:  The Food Expiration Dates You should actually follow.  by J. Kenji Lopex-Alt.

Praise the Lord and pass the n95s

Since it’s Easter weekend, let’s face it, we are all in lock mode memory right now. We want to attend Passover Sabbath and Easter services and all that goes with them:  matzo, wine, communion bread, and wine/juice and all the prayers and hugs that surround these rituals of life and courage.   Maybe for those who avoid the religious side of things, there are barbeques, ham and potato casseroles and Easter Egg hunts.   It’s all a bit much recycling our memories of yesteryear and figuring out how to punt,  especially with lockdown maneuvers in progress.

Now some will say, I am ignoring it all, the “blood of Jesus” will save me.  Let’s get just a bit real.  There are laws in place to protect all people from themselves and others. According to the media, we are trying to bend a curve. Jesus would vote His approval. I rather think he’d throw up his hands and laugh:  OK, redemption is redemption, but don’t push the river on foolishness.

So, the well-meaning folks are, indeed, punting:   Frankly, we’ve all had to figure out alternate means to a lot of our ways while still trying to keep everyone safe.  So the Jews have figured out Passover on Zoom and helping their elders figure out cyber Church.   Christians are doing much the same.  Zoom and Facebook and all the rest of the internet online video sessions are bringing flocks together weekly for services, s meditations and often just hanging out in flock mode so the members stay connected.  It’s magical and it often is more meaningful than the old tried and true tradition of Easter hats and gloves and all the stuff our mom’s laid on us.  Now, the cyber church is saving us from being alone and also infecting others. And the warmth of seeing one another on a video conference is just as real as risking infection in a tight group.  It makes sense and it is truly being accepted by MOST.

Churches, synagogues, mosques and other holy gatherings are absolutely getting on the bandwagon of CHANGE.  It doesn’t mean they’ll stay cyber forever, just when the world is trying to fight a pandemic.  The rest that choose to be belligerent and not wear masks and gloves and hug and assemble and party, need to pause and explore selfishness.  And, be fined, but don’t get me on draconian measures again.  So when I see someone with an attitude about a mask and or gloves, I smile and walk onward.  I KNOW it’s temporary and necessary to follow safe distancing procedures.

Then there are the healthcare workers and the service people…..the nurses, doctors, aides, ambulance drivers, paramedics, firemen, policemen and women, clerks in stores, drivers of goods and all that keep the world going during this extreme pause.  I thank each one when I see them.   I also pray daily and nightly for them and us all.

I include a daughter of mine who is a nurse anesthetist at the forefront of this risky business. She also has a family at home and is already overstretched with work and risk.  But hey, she sat down a few nights ago and asked herself: what can I do?  So she started sewing n95 masks.  And let me tell you, they aren’t boring.  They are designer fare and she is burning the candle at both ends to service, again, the public and help make them safe.  She’s not alone.  There are many people in villages and towns and cities worldwide, making masks and filling in the gap for all the shortages we find. They have asked: how can I help?  And they have answered. YES!

There’s also a babe who has the strength of three lions.  I employed her in the past to help me lift boxes and organize my life.  I’ve lost her temporarily in this lockdown but glad to do so.  She is helping elders who cannot go out for any reason.  She is risking her own self to help shop and clean and most of all be present for those who can’t help themselves.  She will also sit and walk and talk and yes, LISTEN to their hearts.  She is one of the finest caregivers I’ve ever known.  Long before masks were required, she was gloving up and wearing a mask for her clients’ safety.  I was proud to give her some of my n95s so she would also be safe.  When she shops we look like an assault of paramedics.  We meet in the parking lot of MacDonalds, both in mask and gloves, and transfer food she has picked up for me, and stuff I can give to her like a couple of hazmat suits (if she should ever need them).  And yes, she also has a son serving as well in an extended care facility.  And she also has a mom who needs her help. Does she ever sleep?  I don’t think so.

Ah, and then there is the Pastor who tends his flock, not sheep, good meaning members of his Church.  He also manages volunteers including his own little kids, to provide a food bank. I love this man and his profound kindness.  I also love that they all are wearing masks and gloves and doing everything volunteer wise to feed those that either can’t get out to stores or can’t afford any food expenses during these lockdown times.

The tried and true “We are all in this together” isn’t exactly 100% yet but it’s well into the higher numbers.  People are getting it:  None of us are alone.  But all of us need to pay attention and take care of ourselves and one another.

Yep:  Praise the Lord and pass the n95s.

Last Supper social distancing

a friend found this image on a retired teacher’s Facebook. I’d love to give credit, but I can’t find the originator.  It is PERFECT for this time. Absolutely no offense intended. 




Bring on the Drac!!!

OK, for starters, I’ve already admitted to being a public health microbiologist and medical writer.  I’ve hung out in the epidemiology of numbers of the mess we are in since before January.  I’ve listened frequently to whining and shocked Americans repeating over and over the dreaded term:  “Draconian”.  I even looked up its definition to ensure that I was accurate as possible with its meaning.  Basically:

Definition of draconian 1 law : of, relating to, or characteristic of Draco (an Athenian statesman in ancient Greece ) or the severe code of laws held to have been framed by him 2 : cruel also : severe draconian littering fines


I cannot believe the naivete of the USA.  OK, granted most living today …only a very few were alive in 1918.  They’d be 102!  Do the math.  The rest of us don’t seem to have the cellular memory of what went on when millions died.   However, in the present day, most American likely more than 80% don’t get it.  So is that why there has been a snail pace response in every single sector?   We started warning about protecting our beloved elders (BTW, I am one of hem).  We’ve watched millennial crowds on spring break in itsy bitsy bikinis bragging about not giving a good damn.  Arrogance has achieved a new level of audacity.  Frankly, I live in the woods.  Lots of men in pick up trucks are just as bad as the dollies in bikinis.  A lot of people just don’t get it.

China put on the gloves as western civilization watched in horror, repeating the word over and over:  Draconian.  Have you ever noticed how the public soon parrots the press who parrots the interviewees…There seem to be lot’s of parrots on board, but very little understanding.  Draconian brought on the images of a totalitarian prison.  In some unfortunate ways it created a “Not in my country” approach in a lot of places globally.

Wanna know my opinion?  Draconian measures are needed yes…..worldwide.  It has to proceed quickly beyond politics, ideologies, cultures and nonsense.  We soon will no longer have the choice of being stubborn, stupid and ignoring “suggestions” to self distance.  It should soon be law and yes, troops to re enforce, not be gentle and toothless. The polite days of enforcement need to end.

Sure, it’s scary as hell.  Being told what to do…OMG!   So we’ve soft pedaled.  Those of us that know bugs and pandemics prattled on to people who either got bored, didn’t want to hear or changed the channel.

Now fear and frantic reside.  The freaks that party on and make fun of it all, ignoring all warnings continue….and yes, worldwide.  Even China had young party people through it all….in secret of course.

Some countries have jailed, fined, even used billy sticks… know who you are and I’m personally impressed.  Other countries and a lot of people just don’t want to be restricted despite the high cost of not listening let alone obeying.  Florida and Arizona currently consider golf courses essential services.  I say shame on those who make profit decisions that endanger the rest of the population.

My patron saint, Tony Fauci  (by the way, I’ve texted the Pope to canonize him while still alive, appears to be out guiding light.  Standing on the lineup of a press conference has now, thank God, made way for individual interviews on primetime news and on you tube.  Dr. Fauci finally gets to speak more than one soundbite.  His latest buzz kill is the term “aerosolization”.  I’m sure the press and public will start parroting that term as well.  I hope they do.

We are in profound danger.  Let’s all STOP the nonsense and silliness of being arrogant, “don’t tell me what to do Americans”, and behave.  Draconian, hell yes. bring it on.  Bring on the fines and jail sentences.   and yes, I told you so.   Am I angry?  Well, let me sit in a yoga position, chant a few chants and answer:  YES!!!!  It is time that the dumb asses get locked up for not accepting isolation.  It’s how we stop the thing, but it will still be too late for many.  And God help the health care people who are losing lives as well.  I have a daughter on the front lines and trust me, she is risking every day.  They all are.

So self-isolation, house arrest, hunkered down lock down, lock up?  Could we all just agree to do the right thing for all people, all ages, yatta yatta.  On with the Kumbaya, you may say, but we will be fighting for lives soon, in fact, we already are.







Stay the Heck Put


A subtle reminder:   Things that go bump in the night which I wrote as an intro to this blog in March 2017.

Avian flu? Smallpox in refrigerators….somewhere? Ebola? Hanta?  and anything else live and well that goes bump in the night.  We will be witnesses to and perhaps players in the next pandemic. When will it occur?  Tomorrow? This afternoon, or YIKES, in the middle of the night?  Are we prepared?  Good luck with that.

It is now 2020….and the beat goes on….

OK, are we in a pandemic or not?  Do we need to have every country infected before WHO will get off their backsides and call it?  By definition, the new Coronavirus has crossed borders, states, countries, and continents.  What else do we need for it to be recognized as upfront and personal everywhere?

I’m a microbiologist and have just finished a creepy book on pandemics, co-authored with a famous epidemiologist.  Unfortunately, it is in the long lineup to be published.  So here we are, living the last chapter of that book which is entitled  “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.

I wrote that chapter over three years ago and now it is coming to rest.  What do we do IF?  Frankly, we are living the IF.   But so many Americans especially are lulled into smartphone tweets, and the latest fear-based info that the press has finally decided to spew.  But guess what?  Most of it isn’t “fake news”. We are no longer living in a world of NON-Communication.  During the last big pandemic of flu or at least the most famous inappropriately called “The Spanish Flu”, there were no flutes and whistles of direct communication worldwide.  Hence the misnomer, by the way. It wasn’t Spain’s fault.

The Covid19 virus is now the official title of our current visitor.  Maybe the Corona beer company litigated.  In any event, we are all rapidly trained as sheep to accept all the news and statistics.  I don’t.  I will often repeat:  Something smells.  The numbers are off, the response is inadequate if not extraordinarily flawed.  But I also know that there are courageous reporters of current facts as we know them…Chris Martenson is one of them.  He is tireless in his daily reports and I agree with most.  Maybe the mortality isn’t as bad as the creeping Ebola surges but dead is dead whatever percentage.  And then we linger at those who count their stocks decline as an indication ….shame on you.  Get off your butts and stop worrying about money and look at where things are going.

The disturbing fact is that this virus can be anything from asymptomatic to deadly in a heartbeat or it can stretch out symptoms for almost 3 weeks so far and potentially shed the virus after being released from quarantine.  That translates to one thing that everyone needs to understand:   Crowds, incubator experiences like closed planes, trains, and cruise ships are a great means of putting people in close proximity and jeopardy.  I love the BART in the California Bay area, but YIKES, I wouldn’t be on any rapid travel situation at all for now.

Hence why I gave this blog the title “Stay the Heck Put!”.  I know, we have to go to school and work, we have to feed our families, we have to attend church, we have to pay extreme attention.  Right now, we all need to STOP and realize that this is a serious situation, a potential plague at our doorstep.  Keep kids home if they aren’t well. Don’t go to work if you are sick.  It isn’t cool. It isn’t wise and it is dangerous to everyone else.

If this was the bubonic plague or smallpox, buboes (those creeping swelling that gave bubonic plague its name) and the pox of smallpox were obvious and easily observed in the community. The herd controlled the herd as best that they knew how.

Isolation could be achieved by staying at home.  Don’t get me started on the boarding up of houses in Europe during the plague.  Here, we are determined to live life in the normal way and not give up a thing, including cruises, and trips abroad.

Our little friend Covid19 is trying to teach us a lesson and that is to follow safety precautions.  China and its way overused term “draconian” methods, started too late in the piece.  The rest of the spread is due to people from China or the magic of invisible spread on uncontrolled situations such as airline travel.

I have written about Ebola but the best story I ever heard was from Dr. Bill Close’s book “Ebola” which covered the first response to the first outbreak in Sudan.  No one knew the cause. No one knew the why, but people were dropping dead of hemorrhagic disease. The African chiefs figured it out:  Hammer up fences around the villages infected: NO IN NO OUT.  Did this method stop the spread? Maybe not, but it slowed it down.  People and rituals and loving families had to change their ways to stay alive.

With the advent of rapid global travel, any bug anywhere can hitchhike and reach another shore in hours.  The respiratory viruses are the best at that mode of dissemination.

Covid19 has a low mortality rate, but people still die.  The immuno-compromised and elders are allegedly at the highest risk.  That could change.  But for now, we have the possibility of our good ole US of A getting it spread rapidly as well.

Singapore has a great idea:  Fine or jail the folks that break quarantine or go snotting out into public.  Draconian??? They GET IT.  Control is control and it has to be obeyed. All the Kumbaya folks that want their freedom and won’t listen, need to move to Mars. It is time to hunker down and behave and LISTEN to reason.

As for the testing:  I called a friend who speaks fluent immunology:   There’s no Ag/Ab lateral flow rapid Dx test for covid19 so the world is stuck with a molecular test that can only be done in bigger labs. On top of that, the test formulation that CDC put out had at least one non-optimal PCR primer set.

What is the bottom line for those of us that don’t have a Ph.D. in Molecular biology?  We still won’t have rapid testing for awhile.   It isn’t some dark super cosmic conspiracy plan for dissemination of population by not testing.  It boils down to the fact that we have once again been caught with our pants down….insufficient preparation. I’ll be fair and also say that each new virus requires its own specific test.   But that oversimplifies the issue.  Until we can have proper rapid testing on-site wherever there are people who have been symptomatic or exposed, we are all at invisible risk.  This bug can fool everyone.

So rug up, pour yourself a glass of wine, or herbal tea, and wait it out.  Wash your hands a hundred times a day, singing a happy birthday song twice (that is real research-proven info),  spray or wash down doorknobs, handles, and yes wear an N95 mask if you are in a crowded place.  An N95 has a HEPA filter inside the mask.  They are the ones that vaguely make one look like Porky Pig.  But there are restrictions on time use and proper installation.  They won’t last for days and they won’t help if they are not placed tightly on the face.  Scenes of people in line with masks below their noses ….well….need I say more?

Oh yes, spray down that beloved cuddle device you haul everywhere in and out of restrooms….your smartphone.

So here we are: what do we do?  THINK before you act.  Don’t sign up for big crowd fests and closed-in flights and cruises.  Sure, maybe they’ve fixed the shared air in plane cabins but they haven’t fixed people that sneeze and cough in crowded cabins.  By the way, thank you airlines for putting more seats in for your economic increase.  We now are like flying sardines. Nix the drink service and carry your own water and food.  Thank you, Southwest for spearheading this tradition.

I’m the first to get bored with isolation, but it is time to hunker down and hunker well until this thing is over. If you have to travel, and it is at all possible, do a road trip, listen to NPR or my beloved pastime Books on CD or MP3.  But stay home if you can.

Get some food and supplies in but don’t go crazy and hoard.  You will be the draconian one if you do.  Oh and pray your socks off that our dear government has provided for SURGE CONTROL:  That means: will there be enough beds, hospitals, medical staff, medical supplies, and medicines.  Ask your politician who is running for office if there is Surge control in place.  I can’t wait to hear the answer to that very significant question.

And it ain’t over yet, baby, it ain’t over yet.


Things that go bump in the night

Avian flu? Smallpox in refrigerators….somewhere? Ebola? Hanta?  and anything else live and well that goes bump in the night.  We will be witnesses to and perhaps players in to the next pandemic. When will it occur?  Tomorrow? This afternoon, or YIKES, in the middle of the night?  Are we prepared?  Good luck with that.